Monday, September 21, 2009

"Pryor has Swine Flu" shirts sell out! Creates blog buzz and featured in the Detroit Free Press!

A2 Shirts had another exciting weekend this past Saturday at the Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan football game!

A2 Shirts sold out of the new "Pryor Has Swine Flu" shirts! The shirts created some buzz by being shown on the Big Ten Network by groups of fan wearing the shirt as well as 2 fans who were photographed and featured in Sunday's "Michigan Football" insert in the Detroit Free Press (below) ! The caption was titled "The Gold and the Bold", with the "Gold" featuring Michael Phelps and the "Bold" featuring A2 Shirts!

Also printed for the recent weekend is the new "F michigan state" shirt (below, shown by AJ w/Michigan Band in background). This was also a success for A2 Shirts, as a whole group of people bought shirts to show em off in East Lansing next week!!

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